Browning’s X-Bolt Mountain Pro Tungsten

03/27/2022 – Lately, I have been doing a good deal of “order and pick up” grocery shopping. It is not that I am lazy, as much I would rather keep a young person in a job, than have them unemployed and drifting off into the world of political activism and… [Read More]

S&W’s M&P9 Pro Series

03/20/2022 – I hate to say this in polite company, but you might want to move back from the screen a bit. No lactose intolerant old guy should have a chili, red pepper and cheddar cheese omelette and a fresh banana / vanilla ice cream smoothie for breakfast, and then… [Read More]

Smith & Wesson’s M&P 340 – No Internal Lock

03/16/2022 – I’ve been trying to work on my taxidermy skills. Returning from a big bear hunt in Oymyakon, I decided a rug before the fireplace was in order. Damn thing won’t lay flat.Maybe I just have to shoot it some more? Anyway… Between the bear and chili with beans… [Read More]

9mm Pistol? 9mm Carbine? 9mm Pistol? 9mm Carbine?

03/13/2022 – Never be too old to learn. As an example, I’ve learned that at least one of three elements should be present in all firearm articles to assure the article’s appeal: short paragraphs to avoid reader boredom, the framing of firearms within martial context and, finally, hunting or trail… [Read More]


My wife, Diane, passed away on March 2, 2022, in the presence of myself and our grown children, after a year long battle with cancer. No, I am not going to extensively write about it. I do not have the writing skills to properly represent my wife’s story. You folks… [Read More]

A Production Ruger Made Marlin Model 1895 SBL

03/06/22 – After sixteen years of writing about Ruger, within a broader mix of manufacturers, I apparently fell from grace and was shut out of the Marlin introduction. So I sat and watched them feed “Better Guns & Groceries”, “Hank the Dancing Cop’s YouTube Channel”, etc. T&E firearms and information,… [Read More]

Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield EZ 30 Super Carry

03/17/2022   S&W M&P® Shield EZ SKU # 13458 Manufacturer Smith and Wesson Point of Origin Springfield, MA Type SA Internal Hammer Caliber 30 Super Carry Magazine Capacity 10 Barrel 3.675″ Stainless Rifling 1:10″ 5 RH Overall Length ” 6.8 Overall Height ” 5.2 Frame Width ” 1.06 Weight Oz… [Read More]