Bye, Bye Miss American Pie Part II


My prior experience with the Remington Model 700 CP was with a 300 Blackout 10.5″ barrel version. The firearm was very good, but the combination was lacking. Supersonic velocity loads were short range deer worthy, but it is a lot of gun mass for thet level of power delivered. Subsonic, it was terrific with heavy for bore handloads as the bolt action could be made to perform in a very quiet fashion. Unfortunately, I had no waiting application. With no subsonic objective, the 308 Winchester 2″ longer barrel version offers greater potential. While 6 lbs is not particularly light, there are few 308 Winchester firearms that are as light, but none as short and compact.

One lightweight bullet as a concession to medium varmints hunting…

The Hornady 130 grain soft point is thin skilled and made for varmint hunting. While lower pistol velocity would make its expansion less than explosive, it is too thin skinned to perform reliably on deer size game. The next two, L-R as they appear top to bottom on the table below, are good for hogs, deer, black bear and similar. The last is a penetrating, thicker jacketed bullet suitable for more heavy body game such as moose… within a reasonable range.

Warning: Bullet selections are specific, and loads are not valid with substitutions of different bullets of the same weight. Variations in bullet length will alter net case capacity,  pressure and velocity. Primer selection is specific and primer types are not interchangeable. These are maximum loads in my firearms and may be excessive in others. All loads should be reduced by 5% as a starting point for development where cartridges have greater than 40 grains in capacity and 10% for cartridges with less than 40 grain capacity following safe handloading practices as represented in established mainstream reloading manuals. Presentation of these loads does not constitute a solicitation for their use, nor a recommendation.

Cartridge: 308 Winchester (62000 PSI MAP)
Firearm Remington 700 CP
Barrel Length 12.50″
Min – Max Case Length 2.015″ +0.0″/-0.020″
Min – Max Cartridge Overall Length 2.490″ – 2.810″
Primer CCI 250
Bullet Diameter 0.3090″ +0.000″/-0.0030″
Reloading Dies Redding FL


Bullet Weight
Net H2O
COL” Powder Type Powder Charge
Muzzle Velocity
Muzzle Energy
Hornady SP
51.3 2.690 Reloder 15 50.0 2723 2141
Hornady SP
130 51.3 2.690 IMR 4895 49.5 2785 2239
Hornady SP
130 51.3 2.690 Win 748 50.5 2741 2169
Nosler Partition
180 46.5 2.770 Reloder 15 44.0 2344 2197
Nosler Partition 180 46.5 2.770 Norma 203B 44.5 2396 2295
Nosler Partition 180 46.5 2.770 Win 760 48.0 2406 2314
Speer Hot-Cor 200 46.9 2.800 Reloder 15 43.0 2247 2243
Speer Hot-Cor 200 46.9 2.800 Norma 203B 43.0 2277 2303
Speer Hot-Cor 200 46.9 2.800 Win 748 42.0 2229 2207
Sierra Pro-Hunter 220 45.2 2.730 Reloder 15 41.0 2129 2215
Sierra Pro-Hunter 220 45.2 2.730 IMR 4895 40.5 2172 2305
Sierra Pro-Hunter 220 45.2 2.730 Win 760 45.5 2204 2374

Handloading process was routine, although new brass was used. Which loads were compressed to some degree? The question, more suitably, might be, “Which loads were not compressed.” All were moderately compressed, the Nosler Partition Reloder 15 rounds were compressed the most.

No difficult extractions, no damaged brass, no tattoos of significance on case head faces. trace of primer flow on the Reloder 15 130 grain and 220 grain loads.

3 shot, 100 yard accuracy was between 1″ and 1.5″ across the board, accomplished with any powder type noted and a little tweaking of charges. Greater accuracy is probably there for a more skilled handgun hunter.

A lot more than a tad more power….

Looking at data recorded with the 300 Blackout and 10.5″ barrel, the 308 Winchester Model 700 CP generated a solid 600 fps to 700 fps more velocity. That puts the 308 Winchester version chassis pistol into medium and big game hunting territory.

On the varmint shooting side, the 223 Remington chassis pistol version covers small and medium size nicely. The 308 Winchester, for handgun hunting applications, makes sense as the next useful increments. Whatever the 300 Blackout version can do for a hunter, could be done as effectively with a much smaller 357 Mag or 44 Mag revolver.


If you hear or read about someone going on about harsh recoil and muzzle blast, chances are they never shot a Remington Model 700 CP. The 308 Winchester was well behaved. With a silencer or a brake in place, recoil was reduced to a slow, progressive recoil that is easy for just about anyone to shoot. In fact, I have owned very lightweight 308 Winchester rifles that were truly unpleasant to shoot, but that is not the case here. At 6 lbs before scope and ammo, it has a decent amount of heft.

Because I use them infrequently, handgun scopes require a bit of reorientation and practice before I can shoot acceptably with one. That said,  the sight had good image quality, the optics were bright and shooting was done from a rest. In field use, I have no doubt that a compact red dot would be selected, or peep sight with the front sight mounted to a stub rail on the handguard. I did neither during this project, but I did with the 300 Blackout version.

The Remington 700 CF did not run hot with the silencer in place, with the exception of the silencer itself. I have gotten so used to ARs burping bore residue on me and getting too hot to touch. A cool running bolt action was appreciated.

Still can be found as NOS and used. I am sorry Remington is gone. They took a lot of good firearms with them.