Lethargy, procrastination and ambivalence - Part 1

07/31/2022 – I am going through a lethargic state. I find that old people… that would be me, rekindle their teen years in some respects. We stay up late, then we are sluggish getting up in the morning and nothing on a list of chores that matter is appealing enough […] [Read More]

Smith & Wesson's Performance Center® 586 L-Comp

07/24/2022 – I was attempting to decide if I was going to replace a muffler on the thrasher Ford Escape, or get back to my tree line thinning. Noting the temperature was 87°, I checked the weather forecast and found temperatures were going to hit 93° with humidity just short […] [Read More]

Ruger's American Compact 7mm-08 Hot Rod

July 17, 2022 – It takes about 6 months to put a bracket race car/engine together… after approximately two years of prior research and planning. One and one half years to grow the project plan out of control, six months trimming to get back in touch with reality before the […] [Read More]

Consensus Not A Priority - The 30 Remington AR Part 2

Very nice to have family visit. This time it is my eldest son Joe,my daughter-in-law Estrella and my youngest grandchild Isabella. The first company since my wife passed away in March and quick confirmation that she was the big draw and absolutely stellar host, where I am… Joe, a social […] [Read More]

Consensus Not A Priority – The 7mm-30RG Part 1

Cogito, ergo sum…   July 3, 2022 – Social media knee jerk reaction to any thoughts that stray from consensus is rejection. Which almost always results in a person acquiescing to the mob and adopting group thinking. Too bad, because the original thought is often interesting and, potentially, the bases […] [Read More]

Handloads And Tuna Salad

The thing I like about making my own tuna salad, is that it will have the composition, distinct flavor and multifaceted texture I enjoy. Tuna is pretty much tasteless, add: a half teaspoon of garlic powder, a half teaspoon of black pepper, a table spoon of stone ground mustard, four […] [Read More]

Ruger's Hawkeye Laminate Compact

When I was a youngster, about the age of twelve, there were few factory accommodations for proper length of pull in centerfire rifles. A tough row to hoe if you were “gifted” with short upper arms and more typical lower arms. It’s a genetic thing. The problem is, the stretch […] [Read More]

Smith & Wesson's Performance Center® SW1911 PRO SERIES®

06/12/2022 – Chuck’s story. This is Chuck, a 2005 Ford Escape. It originated in California, made the move to Maine, then provided admirable service ever since, even through the worst, sub zero, snow storms. There was that one incident, involving a large boulder in the middle of a field, when […] [Read More]

Smith & Wesson Shield Plus

06/05/2022 – I have been trying to come up with an original thought, but I have not had much luck. I guess I have resigned myself to the fact I am a composite of my life’s relationships and experiences and no more capable of an original thought than I am […] [Read More]

Winchester’s Model 1886 Saddle Ring Carbine

05/29/2022 – As I get older, I spend more time working the property surrounding our home. Take today, as an example. I spent the morning cutting down some mature pear trees, a small oak and an elm tree to make way for a change in landscaping. Drought and cold resistant […] [Read More]